Amtrak Conductors

Dawn Albuquerque, New Mexico

This photo caught my eye because it captures some of my favourite things about travel with Amtrak in the USA.

Firstly, the metallic coach exterior; for me there is something exciting about this exterior finish which may be related to my airline background. It just looks more appealing to my eyes. Secondly, the yellow step by the passenger door. In the UK our platforms are always flush with the door sill so seeing the conductor jump out on arrival to position the step always reminds me of where I am. Thirdly, the sunlight at dawn. The lighting in this photo perfectly captures the feeling of a rail journey at a time of day that is otherwise rarely enjoyed.

Finally, the Conductors themselves. Amtrak conductors usually present an eclectic appearance with no two looking exactly alike and usually festooned with a variety of equipment worn over a variety of uniform styles. I rather like it, preferring this more anarchic experience to the Swiss style precision that can be found in parts of Europe.

And those beards? I love them!

via Amtrak Conductors — The Gravel Ghost

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