Southern Rock Reborn

Try and imagine… Bonnie Raitt is working in a recording studio when in walk the Allman Brothers Band and ask to join the set as do various Jazz & Soul session musicians. Next, add to the recipe a little of the improv feel of a good Dave Matthews Band gig, a sip from the whiskey jar of Lynyrd Skynyrd and a spoonful of Blues. The result is the exceptional Tedeschi Trucks Band. Husband and wife team Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi ( He’s a nephew of the Allman Brothers’ drummer Butch Trucks).

The band are becoming well known for their live performances rather more than their studio work, which I feel is always a good sign.

As usual, I’ve arrived a little late to the party but I’m sure glad that I got there in the end. Listen & Enjoy – and see if it’s possible not to tap your feet.

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