The Transamerican Rail Tour

Summer is starting to get busier – after a short rest, I’m already preparing for the next tour and this time it’s the big one, the Cadillac of tours; the one that I joined for.


It’s some way out but so far the weather looks to be more settled than the last time I did this when there was a late season blizzard in the Rockies that followed us all the way across! This time I have twice as many clients (35) and interestingly, 15 of them are from our partner company in Australia, Travel Marvel. It’s really exciting to be able to share what I regard as the ‘real’ USA with people from another country. Also, this may mean more cold beers are required.  πŸ˜€

As always, I’ll be keeping a running commentary via the Facebook & Twitter pages. In the meantime, the prep work for the Tour has already started and the kitchen table is covered in documents, leaflets, sticky notes and baggage labels. I’ll have to reduce this all to a folder size end product that hopefully weighs less than the average small car. I’m looking forward to the day when Great Rail Journeys goes paperless but not holding my breath for it just yet.

3 Replies to “The Transamerican Rail Tour”

  1. Hi
    My aging (although they don’t act it!) parents (Ron & Brenda) will be on this tour – I’m hoping you can keep them out of trouble for me! Am looking forward to following their adventure on your blog πŸ‘
    Roll on the 10th!!

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