America’s Founding History


I’m now in the final stages of prep for this tour, and I have to say that I’m rather looking forward to it. In just under two weeks we cover a little bit of the early colonies (Jamestown), The American Revolution (Yorktown), The Civil War (Gettysburg & Virginia) and The Declaration of Independence/Constitution (Monticello, Washington D.C. & Philadelphia) – Phew! One of the most interesting aspects is that all of these various periods of U.S.A. history interleave within the same geographical area. We have some guest speakers addressing us who promise to be fascinating, two of whom are Daily Telegraph correspondents.

After my last Tour (3 weeks Transamerica & 36 clients from both the UK & Australia, which was turned into hard work by a late blizzard in the Rockies & a flight cancellation) I’m ready and hoping for a quiet and relatively straightforward Tour. There are 17 clients, all of whom I have phoned in advance – they sound pleasant and enthusiastic, in short, the ideal group size and attitude.

As always, I’ll be posting live updates and photos on my Twitter and Facebook pages, so if you haven’t already done so, click on the ‘Follow Me’ buttons on the ‘Home’ page and see what’s going on, day by day.

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