How To Pack For A Tour

The internet is chock full of advice on how to pack a bag efficiently. There’s so much advice that it’s tough to know which method to choose. Part of the answer lies in asking what kind of Tour you’re on? Sometimes the tour will stay at one destination hotel exclusively, so you’ll only need to unpack once. On other occasions, you may be staying in multiple locations, and this will require a different method.

When I’m on a fixed base Tour (i.e. 1 or 2 locations) I prefer to use the ‘Bundling’ method described below in the video; this is because when you need to access a particular item of clothing you have to remove and unpack the entire bundle, and that’s impractical on a multi-destination Tour. The ‘Bundling’ method works very well, and I always use it on all my tours to save space when clothes are dirty and awaiting laundry service.

When I’m on a multi-stop Tour, I need to be able to access clothing items easily, without unpacking everything, and so I prefer to use packing cubes. There’s one thing however, that I’m never without – my beloved Eagle Creek Pack-It Garment Folder. This wonderful invention holds and compresses up to a dozen items of clothing and stores them with minimal creasing.

When packing, there is always one Golden Rule to follow. However much you pack will be more than you need. Before you put anything in suitcase, lay it out, and then try and reduce it by a third – you’ll do just fine without that cocktail dress or your tuxedo!

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