Well, it’s a funny old world. I’m in China. This is interesting because I shouldn’t be, at least not yet… My Grand Tour of China tour got brought forward by a week due to some problems for the Tour Manager due to operate it, so I ended up going to work a week earlier than planned. This made for a rather brief and intense period of prep, but I made it (more or less) and am now on day 5 of the Tour in the city of Xi’An. After 3 days in Beijing today we took the Hi=Speed train, ready to visit the Terracotta Warriors tomorrow. I have a large group of 42, but they’re a good bunch and are getting on well and soaking up the sights and sounds nicely.

The internet is heavily censored here. I can’t get on Twitter, Facebook, Google or sometimes even my own blog, so there’s little opportunity to live-blog my way around the Tour. I don’t think I’ve spent this long being cut off from Social Media in several years and it feels a little strange.

Here then, are a selection of photos from the first few days. At this stage, I’m not even certain that I’m permitted post to my own blog, so fingers crossed… I have to post this to Linkedin in order to automatically cross post to the other sites. Sigh!

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