Scorpions & Pink Inflatable Gorillas

Tags @GreatRail #GrandTourOfChina Arriving in China is always a bit of a shock when you’re jet-lagged. I can’t think of anywhere more appropriate to go than the Chinese weird food market (I don’t think it’s actually called that) and soaking up the atmosphere, sounds and smells. Deep fried scorpion on a stick or a nice bowl of… yup, me neither. My clients seem to be more or less settled an several are sitting in the bar enjoying a well earned Tsing-Tao beer before dinner. Tomorrow morning we’re off exploring the city starting with Tiananmen Square and led by our local guide Lily who is my favourite.
One of the difficulties with China if you don’t speak Mandarin you rarely know precisely what is going on. There’s probably a really good reason why there are black and pink semi inflatable gorillas outside the Furla shop, but I’ll also probably never know it for sure. 🛌 and 💤 are calling me. Good night.

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