My clients are dancing again!

Tags @GreatRail #GrandTourOfChina
No time to write too much today because I’m rather tired, so mostly pictures.

This morning we visited the Temple of Heaven in Beijing where the senior citizens gather in the morning to do Tai Chi and dancing. Before I knew what was going on my lot had joined in and we’re dancing with the locals. Alone and unsupervised! Whatever next? A happy start to the day.

I have video of the event but can’t post it since access to YouTube is blocked in China, so I’ll get it up on the blog when we get to Shanghai

Here we’re waiting at the meet-up point for the group to gather.

From there we moved on to Beijing station which is the size of Heathrow to catch our Hi Speed train to Xi’an (300 kph)

The trains are highly streamlined machines, as you might expect.

What’s fun is that the train not only has Cabin Crew but a little lady who trundles around collecting rubbish and mopping the floor. I’m going to suggest it to my local rail company when I get home.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow we have the Terracotta Army of Warriors. Just thought I’d drop that in, as you do. G’night from China 😁

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