Chongquing for another Birthday

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Good Morning all, and a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Roger Nelson one board the cruise ship Century Sun on the Yangtze River.

Our cruise started in the city of Chongquing, which you may recall from an earlier post of mine is the largest city in the world! One city, half the total population of the United Kingdom, nearly 10% of the population of the USA… Once you start thinking about it your mind will eventually explode!

Here’s a daylight view of the city taken from one of the many bridges. There’s as much on the other side of the bridge and again on the other side of the island that forms the centre of the city that we are crossing into. You might want to open these photos full page to get a feeling for the detail.

I took another photo as we departed at night on our cruise ship

The large illuminated building in the centre is the opera house.

Goodnight for now, China

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