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Yesterday we visited the yellow crane pagoda in Wuhan

It sits on top of a hill overlooking Wuhan

After lunch a long five and a half hour train journey to Souzhou, a garden suburb of Shanghai where we checked into the Pan Pacific hotel.

This morning we took a trishaw ride to a local market, where I found this little boy feeding lettuce to a giant rabbit. Sadly, I don’t think it’s a pet, I think it’s more likely to be destined for the pot, but who could tell him that

We also visited the Master of the Nets house in Souzhou.

After visiting a silk factory and showroom we had lunch and then took a gentle boat ride along the canals of the city. Souzhou, a small city of only about six million is known as china’s Venice.

There’s something fascinating about other people’s washing on the line. You’d think with several hundred tourists passing during the day that they’d put their finest underwear out on the line but not a bit of it.

I finished the day with a foot massage at one of my favourite places in China. I first visited almost a year ago and this little fella was on the couch next to me.

This visit he’s now two years old and in good shape.

The same, sadly, isn’t true of my legs which needed some serious attention after a busy tour!

It was painful (the best ones always are) but I’ll sleep like a baby myself tonight. 😁. Goodnight China

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