Shanghai at night

We finished off our tour with a cruise along the river at Shanghai watching the evening lights display of this remarkable city. 30 years ago this side of the river was an empty field.

And here we have the headquarters of the HSBC bank, the bank of China and other buildings that are the legacy of Imperial Western rule in China on the Bund.

And so that’s it, our tour is over. Tomorrow morning we fly home to London via Hong Kong. As far as I can see our group are tired but happy. I certainly am. No more posts from TimOnTheTrain for the next two or three days. I need to get home, sleep, kiss my wife, walk the dog, do the washing and try and work out what deities. For the last time, good night China.

2 Replies to “Shanghai at night”

  1. Hi Tim, hope you all got home OK. Just thought we’d let you know you left us with a pressie of your cold! Slept 10 hours last night but managed to head out this morning in to glorious sunshine and up to The Peak. The views are as fabulous as you promised and we’ve had a great day even without following the flag. Thanks for a great tour, Judith and Rob.


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