Why AMTRAK get a tough break

I came across this video which explains rather well the issues that affect AMTRAK trains in the USA, despite the unpromising title. My clients on USA Tours are often surprised by the slightly ramshackle state of the rolling stock and the smallness of some stations and passenger handling facilities. They also often wonder why there is no trans-continental hi-speed rail network such as we enjoy in Europe.

I have a lot of time for AMTRAK. They do a difficult job as well as they can. They employ some wonderful staff members who take considerable pride in what they do; bizarrely, they also employ a small number of people who just shouldn’t be in customer facing positions. On balance, AMTRAK still remains the best way to actually experience the country, and its’ people and so I’m sticking with it quite happily

One Reply to “Why AMTRAK get a tough break”

  1. Interesting video. We’ve done a few road trips in the USA; PCH, Route 66, etc. The only train journeys we’ve done were Boston to New York and Washington DC to New York. We were quite impressed by the trains and had assumed they were all like that.

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