Only 9 Days To Go

Only 9 days to go until I set off on my Trans-Siberian adventure and I’m head down in preparation. I only have a small number of clients (It’s a very expensive Tour and one that, at 19 days duration also requires a significant time commitment – it’s not for everybody).

Some of my clients are making their own way to Moscow and joining the Tour there. A small band of us (adventurous) souls are doing the whole journey on the train, all the way from London St. Pancras, via Berlin and Warsaw to Moscow. The weather forecast for the journey is much as you might expect; temperatures in Siberia are expected in the range of -25ºC to -35ºC. but then, after all, that’s why we’re going.

I’m planning to do a daily blog during the Tour. There is wi-fi on the train, but the signal will be poor to non-existent outside of populated areas so I may not be able to upload the blog every day – we’ll see how it goes.

I was struggling to get to grips with the geography and the route schedule. I thought it might be fun to make one of those moving map videos… So here it is.

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