Day 3 – Berlin to Warsaw

Suddenly… we’ve become Polish or, as they say here “Nagle … zostaliśmy Polakami”. I’m immensely fond of Polish people in general and they have been good friends to Britain in the past and still are today – however I do wish they’d sort their language out into something more like ours! Too many words sound like they’re being spoken by somebody speaking with a bag of nails in their mouth. Also, they need more vowels and less Z’s and Y’s. Just saying, in case anybody there is interested in making changes.

We were on a Polish train today which was nice enough and we were well looked after (thank you) by the charming staff in the buffet car.

The journey was quite long at six and a half hours but we arrived on time and are now resting up before dinner. Tomorrow morning we have a local guide showing us around Warsaw before we catch the overnight sleeper train to Moscow. This can be quite exciting; there are two border crossings (Belarus & Russia) and lots of men in peaked hats checking and rechecking passports. There’s also the gauge change. The width (gauge) of the Russian railway is wider than the European, so the train has to be converted – I’ll explain more when/if I can get pictures. There’s also the possibility of there being no dinner or breakfast service, or there may not be a buffet car, or there may be, but it may not be open, or it may be open but they have no food. Our plan is to pick up some sandwiches before we go just in case.

It’s going to be an adventure and I’m looking forward to it. Ideally, it will all go like this…

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