Mandarin Travels

It’s been a long Winter but the Summer Season is about to kick off at last. I’ve got a number of Tours lined up… a rather eclectic mix this year.

We start with a return visit to China in a couple of days. and the Summer will also finish in the same way. The filling of this China sandwich is a heady mix of the USA and Scandinavia with a light smear of the Channel Islands (an extra Tour that I have accepted at short notice because it should be both pretty and fairly easy). I think that’s about enough of the sandwich analogy for now.

My China Tour will be a busy one; Forty Two clients of whom 28 are from our associated company in Australia. Travel Marvel. The Tour runs two days shorter than last year since Suzhou has been removed, which is a pity, but I can understand that it needed to be brought down to a two week duration.

I’m going to be blogging as I work my way around the country but as always, I won’t be able to see the results on Facebook & Twitter since those sites are just two of the many that are blocked by the Great Firewall of China. It reminds me of taking on the radio… You have no idea if your audience are enjoying what you’re doing, or for that matter, can hear it at all!

Berghaus Men’s Hillwalker 2 GTX Boot

Two big changes for me this year. The first is a new pair of boots that I’m trying to break in before departure; my last pair finally fell to pieces. Although they look a bit like they’re ready to climb Everest, think sneakers rather more than boots. They are feather light and waterproof. Tour Managers do quite a lot of walking and tough and comfortable footwear is essential. I wear these all day every day, and just carry a smart pair of Loakes with me for more dressy occasions.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s

The other new item is an electric shaver. After the Trans-Siberian experience this Winter, I noticed that my wet shaving efforts on a moving train were producing more blood than a Tarantino movie. Reluctantly, I’ve switched to electric. The shave isn’t as close but I can watch TV while I’m doing it and not cut my own throat!

So… I depart for China in 48 hours – back to work at last.

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