Warriors, Dumplings & Illuminated Goldfish


Early start once more to beat the crowds but well worth it. We had them almost to ourselves (relatively speaking) for the first half hour. At 2,000 years old they impress me on every visit.

Looking after us superbly was our Local Guide, Jason.

A quiet afternoon after the drive back before a visit to the Muslim Quarter and then a Dumpling Banquet (16 courses!).

Finally an optional excursion of a nighttime city walk along the dazzlingly lit main pedestrian street of Xi’an.

There were a number of musical performances going on in the street, of which this was hilariously the best. Four girls waiting to start playing classical Chinese music and texting their mates instead.

These three pretty girls are among many who dress in traditional Chinese clothes purely for the fun of it. They have a certain Imperial attitude about them.

Off to Chengdu on the high speed train tomorrow ready for Pandas on Thursday.

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