Tim On The Train


Well, I promised you a picture of a Chinese high-speed train, and so here it is.

This morning we visited the Jade factory to see how this traditional Chinese stone is cut and polished. From there we moved on to see the pagoda in the centre of Xi’an, shown in the header picture above. After that we moved to the station to catch the train to Chengdu which is where we are now safely installed.

We are staying in the Tibet hotel in Chengdu, which I am rather fond of. It’s quite a nice hotel, with lovely rooms but it’s also slightly quirky, with lots of prayer wheels, pictures and other Tibetan items on display. Supreme among these is the stuffed yak in the lobby. More hotels should have stuffed yaks in the lobby, the world would be a better place!

Tomorrow a city tour of the markets in Chengdu. I should have a lot of pictures for you as a result. i’m sorry, but it seems to be that on travel days there are not so many pictures that I take. This is because train travel days are extremely busy, I’d like To but just don’t have time. Oh yes, and one more thing; although I can read the comments posted on my blog for some reason associated with the great china firewall I cannot post replies. It doesn’t mean i love you any less 😊

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