A day in Chengdu

A busy day today touring the city of Chengdu. It was a hot and humid day so we set an easy pace.

We started with a visit to a local flower market in the street. Bonsai trees, plants, orchids and goldfish.

From there we moved on to Jin Li Street, A centre for shopping, eating and people watching.

I had an ear massage which involved a woman with a flashlight on her head scraping my ear clean and then using a sort of tuning fork to vibrate my inner ear. odd but strangely pleasant at the same time.

I thought about eating something but Chinese food descriptions can occasionally make you rather wary.

After lunch we took a stroll in People’s Park and watched people strolling dancing and making music.

These pieces of paper are

descriptions of eligible girls and boys who are seeking potential husbands and wives. It’s a sort of basic version of a dating app on your phone.

Finally we visited a teahouse in the park. This is where Chinese people come to drink tea and chat and play May Jong – A genuinely Chinese experience.

Pandas tomorrow, and we are up early to try and catch them after they wake up for breakfast and before they fall asleep again. Fingers crossed

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