Pandar {verb, intransitive} [past: pandared, participle: pandaring]

  1. To wake up early to visit the Panda sanctuary in Chengdu
  2. the act of photographing Pandas
  3. To make “ooh” and “aah” noises while viewing Pandas doing stuff

The thing with Pandas is that you have to get up early to catch them moving. By about 10am they’ve just about had enough of everything and its time for a 6 hour nap. So that’s what we did.

The peacock above was doing his peacock thing, which presumably means that he finds me sexually relevant, which is slightly disturbing.

After the Pandas we hopped another high speed train for Chongqing in order to board the ship for our river cruise down the Yangtze river. On the way i spotted this guy. The thing about China is the way old and new mix side by side.

Internet coverage on the cruise is intermittent so i cant promise when the next blog entry will be posted… But ill try my best

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