Today, an excursion to Herm Island, about 20 mins on the little Ferry from Guernsey. It’s tiny – You can walk around the coastal path in about 2 hours.

I took this photo in St. Peter Port harbour at Guernsey at about mid tide because it shows well the depth. Guernsey has the highest tidal reach in Europe – a difference of up to 75 feet between low and high tide marks. This make life potentially complicated if you’re a boat. probably even more complicated if you’re sealife, but I’m guessing they find a way round it.

So… on to Herm itself. It’s beautiful, and a fascinating mix of English country side and the Mediterranean. I found this sign with a background of an English country farmhouse and it cheered me up no end.

Walking 200 yards down the path and you’re confronted by this view. Suddenly you’re on the Côte d’Azur.

It gets even more so just around the bend. You have to keep reminding yourself… This is Part of Great Britain!

Took the Ferry back to the Peninsula Hotel in time for another excellent dinner and then everybody went up for an early night. Plumb tuckered, as somebodies Granny probably used to say. It’s all that sea air. Oh, and I’ve sunburned my face and bald patch which is a rather undignified look for a Tour Manager. We had more problems notified about Condor Ferries so a lot of my time was spent today rebooking and rescheduling – details in another, later post because I’m cross with them now, and for today, they’ve taken up enough of my time. Early night for me.

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