Jersey Tour

I imagine by now you’re all getting a bit sick of beach photos… sorry but it’s hard not too. We’re on Jersey now and had a coastal tour today The island is only 9 miles by 5 miles, but progress is slowed by the tiny winding roads in the North. Perhaps even more than Guernsey, Jersey is an extended hymn to the Nazi Concrete Bunker industry – mercifully, much of it has become overgrown, but the odd remaining visible structures still jar with the landscape.

Stopped for lunch and was greeted by this warning. Seagulls really are a bit of a menace – theyre also quite stroppy. They seem to be permanently squabbling with each other, and there are times when they just stand there looking at you in THAT way that says “Don’t mes with me sonny”. I may be getting a bit of a seagull ‘thing’ about this.

The local schoolkids were busy building and digging on the beach in their Hi-Viz jackets and having a generally fabulous time of it. I asked their Teachers what they were doing? Marine Biology field trip? Nope – they’re studying coastal erosion, but he figured nobody would listen to a word until they’d burned off some energy playing in the sand. A wise teacher.

Sun comes out and everything suddenly looks better… funny that.

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