Travel Day

Today was a travel day, from Bei Jing to Xi’An. Getting 44 people on and off trains and managing bags and hotel transfers is a fairly exhausting process so tonight I’m a little bit shattered.

Today we made an early visit to a Bei Jing Hutong, a residential area in the oldest part fo the city and we travelled there in rickshaws. We also visited the house and courtyard of one of the families that have been living there for generations.

We moved on to walk by the side of a beautiful lake and watch the citizens of Bei Jing waking up and enjoying the sunshine.

From there it was on to the Temple of Heaven (as you do).

From there it was on to the Hi-Speed train station for the 4 hrs 29 min journey to Xi’An. Sorry, but no train photos today as I was just too busy. I’ll try again next time.

This evening some of us went with Local Guide Jason to a local Chines restaurant for dinner. Chinese restaurants have something of the gin palace about them – they do like a bit of bling! The number of staff to customers is very high and they have an astonishing ability to produce freshly cooked food at the speed of light, and then when you leave, within seconds there remains no trace of your presence.

There’s little trace of my brain left after a day like that. Good Night. Terracotta Army tomorrow

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