Okay, another busy day today. The header picture for this page shows our local guide Jason and I taking five minutes relaxation together. Not something that happens that often.To start with we visited the terracotta army. Pictures below.The best is an amazing thing, which is that we got to watch a warrior being dug up (disinterred?) Something which happens really, so rarely that our local guide Jason has never seen it before. Here is a picture of it underway.

After that, we moved on to take a look at the Muslim quarter of Xi’An. There are about 50,000 Muslims in the city, and this wonderful street represents all that is best about China and that religion. We visited the mosque, something that our female clients are not able to do that often. Instead of writing about it, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. However I would say that I particularly recommend the goats feet!

Our day finished up with a visit to the Tang Dynasty dancing theatre show. China can be beautiful.

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