A Day In Chengdu

Thought I’d put up some random photos to give an idea of day-to-day life in a Chinese city.

Let’s start with road traffic, which can best be described as anarchic. Stop lights are purely advisory and traffic can travel in both directions on the same side of the road. There are an awful lot of electric bikes and vehicles and you can’t hear them coming so you have to swivel your eyes and head around as if you were searching the sky for Messerschmitts in the Battle of Britain. Here’s a time lapse of a typical road intersection. If you have a group that includes clients with mobility issues (I don’t) you may understand why Tour Managers live in a continual state of rolling anxiety.

This morning, some of us visited the Wensh Buddhist Monatery, a small zone of peace and quiet in the centre of a busy city.

I noticed one of the Chengdu Ear Cleaning And Massage men in the street.

Naturally I had to try it out…

An then so did some of my clients!

Some of China’s prettiest sights were visible on the streets around the Monastery.

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