16 Sons

I’m sorry to be so slow getting things out. Connectivity is a real issue on a ship in a river gorge and since we have finished our cruise we have been on the move continuously.

As I write, I’m sitting in a Shanghai hotel room with not much time before I meet the clients, so this will be a fast one! Let’s start with some typical scenery on the Yangtze cruise.

Yangtze Cruise Time Lapse

The clients certainly enjoyed the cruise, including a couple of birthday celebrations.

On the final day, we toured the massive Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River. The ship locks take up to 6 ships at a time and elevate or drop them by nearly 100 metres ikn 4 hours.

From there onwards by rail to Wuhan for an overnight rest in an excellent hotel and a morning visit to the Yellow Crane Pagoda, and after that our final rail journey to Shanghai.

Our Local Guides for a Yangtze excursion from the ship were charming, and also profoundly impressed that I have 2 sons. After some discussion between them I was asked if they could come to England and repeat the process for them Eight is a lucky number in China, so it was suggested that 8 sons would be well received. Each! That’s 16 sons required in short order. I pointed out that Mrs TimOnTheTrain is a little old-fashioned about this sort of thing and that the odd Carving Knife might be flashed around my relevant anatomy. Curiously, they were also rather impressed by this theoretical threat. Mrs TimOnTheTrain must be a very great and loyal wife? It looks like I’m safe for a while.

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