Turning Chinese Again

For the final time this year I’m off to China on tour. I quite like doing this complicated tour repeatedly. I don’t have to worry so much about the logistics since I know how to make the tour work; that means I can concentrate more on the people. I’ve phoned ahead to make sure that I have my favourite Local Guides and with the exception of a last minute hotel change in Chengdu, things are looking set for a good tour (our usual Chengdu hotel is being renovated…. Noisily!). I’ll need to keep a close eye on the weather since even in China, Autumn sets in. Beijing can start to get a bit chilly at this time of year.

The first 24 hours on this tour are usually a bit tiring. We connect to Beijing through Hong Kong and then on arrival I have to have a meeting with the Local Agents and then set up, prepare and present a Welcome Meeting at 6pm so that all the group can meet each other (and me). There are 30 in the group and 20 of them have made their own way from Australia & New Zealand. The Welcome Meeting is useful, but hard to do with an 8 hour time change, bloodshot eyes, stubble and breath that could bring buffalo to their knees. I think I’ll try for a quick shower and freshen up first, which might also keep me awake.

That’s all for now. Time for a MacMuffin brekka before handing myself over to the care of the usually excellent Cathay Pacific. I’ll post next from Beijing.

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