Today was our day for visiting the terracotta warriors in Xi’An. Constructed by the Emperor as his defence against pretty much everything after death, they were long forgotten and buried. And then one day some random Chinese Farmer decided to dig a well on his property, and dug up rather more than he was expecting!

The end result of all of this was thousands of the terracotta warriors on display in three separate and massive pits.

We returned to Xi’An and visited the Grand Mosque and Muslim Quarter. The City is home to more than 80 ethnic communities of whom the Muslims are by far the largest. The main street is jammed with people and traders selling exotic (and slightly worrying) snacks and food stuff.

It’s pretty clear what the Cat Uncle Explosion Cheese Durian Pie shop is selling But there is almost nothing in the name that pulls you into the shop.

The roasted goats feet also just weren’t doing it for me today. 

And neither were the cuttlefish griddled on a stick. 

Much safer ground to be found however with the pomegranates.

That it for today. Off to Chengdu tomorrow on our second train journey. It’s almost panda time again!

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