My favourite Jade Buddha

Another travel day today, but we got to do some fun stuff as well as the train journey. The day started with a visit to a jade carving factory and showroom. We learned about the importance of Jade in Chinese culture and also how to spot what is good Jade, and what is the cheap powdered or man-made variety. I love the show room because it has my favourite Jade Buddha. Every time I visit I rub his tummy and for some reason it makes me smile and feel

After that we visited the small wild goose pagoda and buddhist monastery. My clients enjoyed a calligraphy lesson, writing their own name on sheets of rice paper. While they were doing that I made friends with the dark. As you do in China

The monastery and pagoda form a small oasis of calm in the middle of the bustling city of Xi’An. The central tree in this photograph is just over 1300 years old. 

From there we moved on for our high-speed rail journey to the city of Chengdu. Another busy day and now time for bed.

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