Shankers & Honkers

I’m sorry for the slow updates to this blog. It’s quite difficult when you get into bed at 10 at night to sign up the energy to write a blog post. I’m currently in Shanghai, ready to face the last day of the tour tomorrow when we have a guided tour. I’m just going to post a series of photographs of the past couple of days. Firstly let’s look at some pictures from the Yanks cruise.

We visited the three gorges dam on the Yangtze River. Although it produces hydroelectricity on a scale that beggars belief, its main function is to protect the lower reaches of the river from flooding. The massive locks allow ships to move past the dam

We travel down by train from Yichang to Wuhan where we visited the yellow crane tower.

We finished up today with a train ride to Shanghai. Porters were available at Shanghai to help with our bags and I rather fancied their hat. I’m now a certified Shanghai redcap!

Tomorrow the guided tour of Shanghai, Shankers, and then our flight home on Thursday via Hong Kong, honkers. 

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