Election Day

Today is Election Day in the UK and we face a stark choice. I have avoided allowing this blog to make political comment, but on this one occasion I feel driven to break that rule.

We all have our own opinions on Brexit, Social Welfare, the NHS and just about everything else. These are all hot-button issues and I respect the range of opinion that’s out there.

For me however, there is one issue that dominates all the others: Antisemitism. I have too many Jewish friends to believe otherwise.

I have taken Tours around Auschwitz-Birkenau many times on behalf of the Holocaust Educational Trust, led by a man I’m proud to know, Rabbi Barry Marcus. I’ve visited Auschwitz-Birkenau too many times, in fact. Once seen, it never leaves you completely and you look at things a little differently.

The Labour Party of today is an anti-semitic party. If you vote for them, for whatever reason then you need to understand that you are at best tolerating and at worst, promoting anti-semitism. It’s really that simple. Nobody can say they were unaware.

This is where it ends. You have a chance to stop it. Today.

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