TimOnTheTrain is back on the train

Today was another train day, and the most scenic part of our train journey, from Hue to Da Nang. The line climbs and winds through the mountains of the central highlands while hugging the coast. 

Despite being single line track for a lot of the journey, we arrived early after 2 1/2 hours. Da Nang station has this splendid old steam loco as the gate Guardian (for those in the know, it’s a 2-8-2)

We were mildly tempted by the range of choice at the station snack shop, but the bloated cake just wasn’t doing it for us. For just one moment, I did wonder whether the noodles were an LGBTQ hash tag thing?

Da Nang is famous for its Dragon bridge across the river. Not only is it kind of fancy but on Saturday and Sunday nights it’s notes fire and water from the nostrils on the Dragons head. I can’t help but feel that life in London would be that little bit better if we installed a fire snorting Dragon Bridge!

Da Nang Is also famous for its enormous beach. This was the beach where the Americans landed when they changed their war effort from providing ‘special advisors’ to actually providing troops on the ground. I decided that any beach landing that’s good enough for the US Marine Corps is good enough for Great Rail Journeys. I took my clients down to the beach where they rolled up their trouser legs and start their toes in the South China Sea. 

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