Like Floating Waitrose…

We woke up early, at zero dark 30, to visit the floating market at Cai Rang

And then the sun rose…

The floating market is kind of like a supermarket, only instead of going to Aisle six for a pineapple, you go to boat three.

Dozens of boats, small and large, mill around, drinking and twisting, sometimes in the wrong direction, and always at high speed. In short, the Vietnamese drive their boats just like they drive their cars in the cities. 

After we returned from the market, we had breakfast and then took a couple of minutes to pose for a group photo at the entrance to the hotel. I always get my groups to do two photos. One just as a standard group photo and then on the second I asked him to wave their hands in the air. It’s almost impossible not to smile when you’re waving your arms around and it usually makes for a happier photograph

Next we boarded our bus and headed to the Mekong River where we boarded our speedboat for the journey to Phnom Penh in Cambodia. At this point we had to say goodbye, and thanks, to Tung who has been our local guide in Vietnam for the past 11 days. He’s a good lad, who works hard and is very proud of the achievements of modern Vietnam. I look forward to working with him again.

Our speedboat turned out to be not so speedy after all. The fuel in Vietnam was contaminated, and the engine revs kept dropping. We got as far as the Cambodian border and then the boat went off to De-fuel and refuel. Once border formalities had been completed we were once again moving swiftly along.

And that, was pretty much that for the day. We reached Phnom Penh as the sun set.

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