Well… That didn’t last long!

I guess that’ll teach me to try and be happy during lockdown. Shortly after my last post, the UK Government decided to put France on the Naughty Step, and as a result I’ve just been told that my Italian Tour to Sirmione & Lake Garda has been cancelled. For a couple of days there was a spring in my step and a smile on my face after I was allocated the Tour. Silly boy! The UK Government response to COVID-19 is similar to that of a small child who has accidentally gained access to the flight deck of a 747. The panicked child presses all the buttons and pulls all the levers but has no understanding of what they do. Pretty Warning Lights flash and exciting Alarm Bells and Klaxons sound, but it means nothing to them. Meanwhile the passengers and crew hammer on the locked Flight Deck door, desperate to avoid the looming disaster.

Wow! That’s two rants in two blog posts. I must be getting cross.

The good news is that the other company that I work for, the excellent Railway Touring Company, has started allocating Tour Managers to Tours for 2021. This matters for two reasons. Firstly, they expect to actually be operating the Tours, a small sign of confidence shining through the gloom. Secondly, although a long way off, it makes me feel better.

I’ll publish details of the individual Tours in some follow-up posts. Meantime, in the words of former CBS Anchor, Dan Rather…

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