The BBC… So, What’s The Fuss About?

The BBC want to remove ‘Land Of Hope & Glory’ from the Last Night of the Proms – because somebody, somewhere, might be offended. There is no more eloquent rebuttal than to show people what it actually looks and sounds like, so here we are. Take 09:51 minutes out of your life to watch a lot of people having a lot of fun. But watch it now, before you’re no longer allowed to.

If, like me, you have finally reached the point where you have tired of the BBC promoting views that are entirely out of sync with those held by a majority of its’ audience then I would encourage you to join the campaign to Defund the BBC. Being legally forced to pay for this organisation is inappropriate for our times, and therefore non-payment of the License Fee should be decriminalised. Enjoy the video below while you’re at it. After all, you’re paying for it.

2 Replies to “The BBC… So, What’s The Fuss About?”

  1. Every year someone suggests this. Not someone in the BBC, last year one such was Lilly Allen for example. This year it’s academics, perhaps we should de-fund education, except the government have been doing a good job of that already. The BBC comes under the same pressure regularly, and being a national broadcaster has to consider the views of all. And it’s not because someone might be offended. It’s because they are a celebration of a colonial past that needs re-examination and perhaps it IS time to stop the flag waving celebration that Britons shall rule the waves (and anyone on them or over them) and never shall be slaves (but transporting others for that purpose is fine), because this is not a land of hope or glory, it’s an increasingly isolated and isolationist little island, which needs to face up to what that colonial past meant and still means for example to some people alive today. People who have themselves paid from their taxes towards the repairation bill for the end of the enslavement of their ancestors. Even if they aren’t sitting around being offended, does that mean we need to carry on being jingoistic?


    1. I wondered about approving this post? I could just ignore and not approve it and then it would simply never appear on the blog at all. But then, that would go against the principles of Free Speech. I would be initiating my own, small scale version of ‘Cancel Culture’, the very activity that I despise. So here it is. Much better that you can all read it and make an informed decision as to its’ worth. Sunlight really is the best disinfectant.
      For the record, I disagree with almost every view expressed, but hey! It’s a big world, and maybe I’m wrong?


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