Like a fool, and despite training, I lifted and twisted something today and now my back hurts. I’ve decided to have an early night with my new best friends, Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. Tonight’s post will be light on prose.

Today we visited lovely Otranto, the most Easterly point in Italy. You can just see Albania on a clear morning. It’s a pretty town and I have the feeling that I’ll be back one day.

The most famous song about Otranto was by Domenico Modugno, who wrote and sang the massive international hit, Volare (originally entitled Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu. Otranto is heavy on blue – from the window shutters and flowers to the ocean. So here’s the song to listen to while you browse the photos! (Yes, I know it’s Dean Martin. I don’t care – I just like this version)

This is known locally as an APE which means, a wasp. That’s because they are everywhere, moving rapidly and the engine makes a slightly waspy noise. I wish we had them in England, they’d be perfect for me. Put the dog in the back, take stuff to the tidy tip, off to the Super-Market. Unfortunately, I think Mrs TimOnTheTrain might draw some sort of line in the sand on this one. I have no interest in cars at all, beyond the practical, and she really likes them. It’s the only thing we have ever argued about. So here you are darling – this one’s for you!

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