Thank You Sainsburys!

The life of a Tour Manager during lockdown is not a pleasant one. Working in the Travel Industry at a time when there is no travel is depressing, and financially ruinous. After many months depleting my savings in the recurrent expectation that travel would return, only to have my hopes dashed time after time, I had to bite the bullet and start earning money again. Those bills just keep sliding through the letter box.

I’ve started as a Home Delivery Driver with Sainsburys and am just about to complete my first month, and so, to get my first pay packet.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to continue with this work once travel restarts, mixing it in with Tours, especially during Winter and Christmas when Tours are very, very thin on the ground.

In the meantime, I’m having fun, meeting people once again, and best of all, now have a reason to get out of bed and get dressed in the morning. It’s amazing how you can fall out of that habit during lockdown.

So this one goes out to Sainsburys (Thanks for giving me the job) and to all the good hard-working folk at Sainsburys Superstore, Saxon Centre, Bedford. And for the rest of you? Order from Sainsburys online and you won’t just get your groceries delivered, but you might get them delivered by me! What more could you ask from life?

14 Replies to “Thank You Sainsburys!”

  1. Well done Tim. At 58 myself, I would find it hard to have to interview for a new job. We have rebooked with Rail Discoveries for Italy next year so you never know, we may see you!
    By the way, we are Sainsbury”s customers and love their food.


  2. Well done Tim. We’ve missed your blogs but pleased to hear you’re once again earning money. We’ve been very blessed in Australia with very little Covid 19, although it has prevented us from travelling overseas. In the absence of O/S travel, we are currently in the process of driving right round Australia with our caravan. We do hope you can soon get back to what you love best…..and we can be entertained once again by your blogs.


    1. What lovely words – many thanks P & G! We hope we’ll get our Aussie friends back in Europe soon. In the meantime, driving all the way round OZ is one hell of an adventure. Good for you!


  3. I would have said you were more of a Waitrose man Tim!! Well done – keep cheerful. My first tour is the new ‘abroad’ – Isle of Wight!


  4. Good on you Tim, Glad you have work. I once did deliveries for a baking business and enjoyed being outside and moving around. Hope you get more travel work soon.


  5. Good to hear from you again Tim. Keep your chin up & I’m sure things will come good for you again soon. Love the fact you are still finding ways to travel 😊


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