Back On The Rails Again

After a lengthy period of being ‘Off The Rails’ both literally and metaphorically, I’m back on track. It feels good!

My first Tour since last September leaves this Thursday – ‘The Far North & Orkney’ for the Railway Touring Company.

I’ve done this Tour once before, and once again I’ll be working with another Tour Manager, the always entertaining, Mr. Ian Stanley. We’ve got quite a large group and due to COVID restrictions we’ll be using two coaches and have to split into two, and sometimes more, groups of clients to access the various venues.

RTC have put a lot of work into getting this Tour up and running (Thanks Allison) and the hope is that as restrictions ease, both in the UK and overseas, something close to a normal program can resume over the next month or so.

One thing the Orkney islands have is a wild, raw and rugged beauty that I adore. I’ll be blogging daily and posting photos so that you can take a virtual Tour with me. And it’s not just the Orkneys! We also have some Steam Locomotive adventures planned on private charter, as well as time in Aberdeen, Inverness and Aviemore and The Cairngorms.

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