Far North & Orkney Tour – Day 2

A busy day, and a good one. We started this morning with a visit to Crathes Castle. It’s surrounded by beautiful formal gardens.

Today is our 31st wedding anniversary, so I thought I’d Facetime Mrs TimOnTheTrain (Hi sweetie) from somewhere with an attractive background. You couldn’t ask for much better than this… (and she seemed pleased that I didn’t forget completely).

We stopped for an early lunch and then moved on to the business of the afternoon. A visit to the The Royal Deeside Railway heritage line. There was a short walk to the Brasserie which gave us a chance to see this fine example of highland cattle. I’m not sure why but whenever I see them I think of Woodstock and Glastonbury.

The railway was, as always, delighted to see us and provided opportunities to take photos and enjoy the short journey.

I had to smile. I positioned myself carefully to take the perfect video. What I ended up with was the worst steam locomotive movie in the history of the world. I’m ashamed but here it is in all it’s glory. Think ‘Brief Encounter’ but without Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson and with the worst cinematography ever!

More tomorrow. See you then.

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