Far North & Orkney Tour – Churchill, The Italians, Seals & Puffins

Wow! Really. Good day today. We started with a visit to the Churchill Barriers. Following the sinking of the British Battleship ‘Royal Oak’ in October 1939, Winston Churchill decided to completely block the Easter access points to Scapa Flow. To do this, 4 permanent barriers were constructed using thousands of tons of concrete and stone. The Barriers included a road on top, and therefore connected several island got the main island, benefiting the economy of the Orkneys.

Churchill Barrier Number 1

The Barriers were constructed by Italian Prisoners of War captured in the Libyan Desert. They did an excellent job. They also constructed a statue of Saint George and then a charming chapel, largely made out of spare items from the construction of the barriers. It’s a modern day work of art…

Back to Kirkwall for lunch before travelling on to The Broch of Gurness, the remains of an ancient Pictish settlement.

And to finish the day, onwards to the Brough of Birsay for more spectacular scenery.

Best of all is that we got lucky with the wildlife, and finally managed sightings of seals and puffins! These photos were taken by two of my clients.

Photo by Julia Roberts
Photo by Brian Spencer

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