Our first full day on the Isle of Man and we experienced a biblical deluge for most of the day. I was surprised that we hadn’t mutated into webbed feet creatures by the evening. Fortunately, my clients are British (including some from Yorkshire!) and they are made of sterner stuff than others, and so took it all in their stride. Multiple cups of tea solved most problems.

We travelled to Castletown in the morning. The main square has this interesting monument…

And then when you step up and actually read the plaque you realise that upsetting the natives probably isn’t a good idea.


We visited the Old Parliament, the House of Keys. I say Parliament but in the 18th Century they weren’t so big on democracy, in that the politicians were self appointed from the great and the good and ran the place pretty much for their own benefit. We had fun passing a few laws and amending others after debate (women can now vote thanks to my Tour group – you’re welcome).

Castletown is a pretty place.

We stopped off at The Sound, a site of great Natural Beauty, and also, as it turns out, great natural wind. And rain. Quite a lot of both. It’s also an area of great danger for Tour Managers pointing out passing Seals to clients near the edge of a cliff during a squall.

We returned to Douglas by Steam Train (Tour Manager on firmer ground here, literally & metaphorically) after visiting the Rail Museum at Port Erin.

Tomorrow, the Manx Electric Railways, Manx Kippers & Ice Cream. It takes the finest kind of British Tourist to enjoy ice cream standing in the rain Foreigners just don’t get it!


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