Today we headed for the North & West side of the Isle of Man. The weather Gods decided to give us all a day off from being drenched after we sacrificed a small child.

First stop was Tyndall Hill where the government of the Isle of Man (They’re independent, remember?) meet once a year to publicly read out the laws that they plan to enact. These are read aloud from the top of the man-made hill, followed by a Church ceremony and citizens have a right to petition their government for either new laws, or amendments. The UK Parliament has no jurisdiction over the island. It is a Crown Protectorate. Local Guide Bob talked us through the process.

Onwards to the town of Peel, another pretty fishing town on the island.

There was a lot of choice for lunch, but I played smart, got lucky and found out where the Local Guides & Coach Drivers eat. This place was amazing.

On the Isle of Man, Scollops are known as ‘Queenies‘. They’re smaller than other scollops. Several times I’ve had scollops in restaurants and they have been overcooked. Ideally you should simply threaten them with a very hot pan and they’ll fall into line sharpish. These were cooked simply and to perfection with olive oil, butter and some tiny chorizo pieces.

The Manx TT is a world-famous motorcycle race held annually on the Isle of Man on public roads. It is very fast and very dangerous. There are injuries and fatalities often. The course is just over 37 miles long, extending around the middle and north of the island. At best speeds it takes just under 20 minutes to get round the course. Our route today took us around several sections of the race and I thought you might want an idea of what it feels like to drive at these kinds of speeds. Our coach drove at 30 – 40mph so I filmed it and then sped it up x 4, giving us about 120mph.. Off we go then.


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