Sheep (probably)

Today was our visit to the top of Mt. Snaefell (2307 feet – 620mtrs) on the Snaefell Mountain Tramway. After some fabulous views, at about 1500 feet we entered the clouds…

And didn’t come out!

The visibility stayed at about 50 metres, and, since clouds contain the odd bit of moisture, it was wet. None of the views from the top were available, although we passed some time studying ghostly sheep

Within 2 milliseconds of my group reboarding the tram to return down the mountain, the weather miraculously cleared (cue silent scream from maddened Tour Manager). So, my clients were able to get most of the views they were expecting on the way back down to Laxey.

In Laxey, predictably, the sun was now shining so we had a chance to visit the Great Laxey Wheel and Mine Trail. This feat of Victorian engineering and ingenuity is the largest surviving waterwheel of its kind in the world. The Lady Isabella as she is also known, served the mine for 70 years being used to pump water out of the mine shafts.

The Great Laxey Mine Railway is a tiny heritage railway, operated by enthusiasts. The restored railway runs along the surface section of the tramway which once carried lead and zinc ores from deep inside the Great Laxey Mine.

At this point it was noted that blood levels of cake, ice cream and tea had become dangerously low so after an emergency top up for purely medical reasons we returned to Douglas on the workhorse of our Tour, the Manx Electric Railway

Finally, here’s the very latest (as in a month ago) statue in the Isle of Man. These three brothers were born and raised here on the island. Guess who? (There’s a clue in the photo).

I’m afraid they weren’t really my thing (I know, I’m sorry, but tight trousers, high voices, strange teeth… really?) but for those of you who feel differently (probably most) here’s another shot of 1970’s disco madness! I’ll take this one for the team. You’re welcome


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