Saverne and a surprise BBQ

Having moored overnight at Saverne we started the day with a guided walking tour of this pretty little French provincial town.

As we walked around Saverne the Church Bells started ringing – I always think this is such a pretty sound, and I was impressed that our Guide had arranged for them to be rung during our visit.

Then I realised that it was a funeral…

During the excursion, caffeine levels had dropped to a dangerously low level, so there was only one thing to do – Café au Lait in the sunshine.

Lunch was a surprise – a BBQ on deck. Our Chef set to work and white tablecloths appeared along with a rather nice Chardonnay (travels well) followed by an espresso and a siesta.

We cruised through the afternoon before arriving at our overnight mooring in the tiny town of Lutzelbourg. We had an opportunity to burn off at least some of the calories by climbing a steep hill up to the old castle at the top of the hill. This was definitely mountain goat territory, but the views at the top were extraordinary.

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