Trains and Boats

So… off we go to Aberdeen on the Caledonian Sleeper train, leaving London Euston at 21:00 and arriving at 07:40. We left and arrived on time. This was my home for the journey. It’s tight, but just about manageable for two people. For one, no problem. I was asleep by 23:00 and slept through to 06:00, with periodic wake-ups at stations. As far as I can tell, most of my clients slept ok, although 2 or 3 struggled. I had a bacon roll in the cabin. The promised morning coffee (showcasing the best of Scotland, apparently) turned out to be a paper cup of hot water and a sachet of instant coffee. Really guys?

After a coffee/brekka break we headed off for a guided tour of Aberdeen and I’ve put a gallery of photos below.

And so to this evening, we’re setting off to Lerwick on the good shop M.V. Hrossey (no, me neither, it’s Norwegian for something). It’s about a 12 hour trip. Here’s my cabin which is really rather nice.

Once I’m certain that my clients are settled and happy I’m going to stand in the shower for 10 minutes (bliss) and then jump into my pit. One big advantage my cabin has is… no porthole window thing. I have a confession to make. The way some people feel about flying is the way I feel about being on a boat. It makes me profoundly uneasy. There are rumours that our weather tonight might be a bit sporting. If I can’t see it then it isn’t happening. Fingers crossed I survive, in which case more blog tomorrow.

One Reply to “Trains and Boats”

  1. Unfortunate that the songs from the film Titanic were the next item shown.
    Too early and too South for icebergs.
    You should be fine Tim.
    Have a good tour.
    Mike Lucas
    TM GRJ

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