Shetland Breeze

The sun came out… unexpectedly. We were treated with lovely morning Shetland sunshine and a strong blustery wind, which is pretty normal Shetland weather.

Scalloway, the old Shetland capital before Lerwick was the base for the Shetland Bus during World War II. The Shetland Bus missions ran between Shetland and Nazi-occupied Norway, running in SOE agents and bringing back refugees. Many died, not least because of small boats in dangerous Winter seas. We visited the memorial on the harbour slipway with Local Guide Jim.

After a cup of Tea it was off to visit the Shetland Ponies. My clients took them for a walk down to the beach. They may look a bit like the Hippies of the Horse world, but they are tough little things, quite capable of looking after themselves. You have to treat them with respect so that you don’t get a nip or a kick. Mrs TimOnTheTrain has asked me to bring one back home with men (“They’re so cute, I want one”). I’m not sure it’ll fit in my cabin on the Caledonian Sleeper home.

After lunch at Frankie’s, Britains’ most Northerly Fish & Chip shop we enjoyed the Shetland scenery for the afternoon.

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