One of the things that I love most about being is that here in Italy is that despite the usual Covid precautions, the place still feels like Italy. People are laughing, and talking, and gesticulating, just like They always do in Italy, and it doesn’t feel at all strange. It’s a wonderful change from the UK.

I thought I ought to capture some of the different transport facilities available…

Not to mention the importance of keeping the flies off your ears…

Palermo is incredible. The most astonishing mix of culture, architecture and history that you could wish to come across anywhere. sometimes one church has a mixture of Norman, Byzantine and Arabic influences in the same place. We had a long walking tour today of the city, tiring, but worth it. I’ve put below a gallery of pictures of the churches, cathedrals and other sites that we’ve seen today. The amazing thing about Italy and Gen, is the way you turn a corner that seems innocent enough, and I smacked in the face with something extraordinary. Here then is your gallery of pictures for Palermo.

Of course, the WiFi in the hotel is kind of iffy so I have no idea when i’ll be able to upload all of this. Could be tomorrow, will be the day after. That’s Italy.

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