One of those Tours when I earn my pay

For those of you who believe that my life is one endless stream of basking in sunshine at poolside while being fed grapes by supermodels in skimpy bikinis, well… you are essentially correct.

Unfortunately, into every life a little rain must fall, and it’s doing so today, rather heavily in fact. The weather has impacted our On Tour activities, planned to be on a boat, and may do so again tomorrow. The wind is up, the sea is rough and things aren’t going our way even though the sun pops out occasionally., just to torment us.

Fortunately, working with our Local Agent and the Great Rail Office a cunning plan has been developed. We’ll find out if it’s going to work tomorrow. It’s great to have an experienced and flexible group of clients on the Tour who are taking the disruption with good grace and humour. Lovely people they are! Fortunately we’re in a very nice Hotel in Lipari.

On day 2, during lunch break on our walking tour of Palermo, an ancient and traditional enemy attacked while my guard was down. I was crapped on by what can only have been some sort of giant Sicilian Seagull that had just eaten an entire basking shark. I have never experienced anything poop quite as comprehensively on one human being, or seen such targeting precision. So just to round off my perfect day today, I have been washing my trousers in the hotel bedroom sink using hotel shampoo and the hotel hair dryer to finish the job.

See the world, they said…

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