God Paints The Scenery (Again)

The weather Gods are beginning to tire of tormenting us and were able to catch an early morning hydrofoil back to mainland Sicily. We arrived at Milazzo port and out faithful bus driver Salvatore transferred us to Messina for a short tour and a late breakfast.

Looking across the Straights of Messina, the Italian mainland seemed close enough to touch. After this panorama stop, we moved to the Duomo to watch and listen to the midday clock display.

I was beginning to get that sinking feeling again when I received a message from our local agent advising of a wildcat nation-wide Italian transport strike. Fortunately, our scheduled train to Taormina was one of the few running and so we arrived on schedule at the pretty Taormina train station. If it looks familiar it’s because it was used as a location in the movie ‘Godfather III, standing in gor Bagheria station.

After dropping our bags at the hotel we took a walking guided Tour of Taormina with the excellent Local Guide Margareth (one the very best I have worked with). She took us through the narrow streets and up to the Greek/Roman Theatre.

At the top of the theatre there is a viewpoint from where you can enjoy the coastline view both North & South. It was golden hour, that time enjoyed by photographer where the light brings something special. Tap these photos to see them full size and admire the extraordinary views.

The Tour finished with further walks through the streets of the town and then back to the hotel for drinks and dinner. As you do. Tomorrow is a free day for the clients to explore the area (after a lie in and late brekka).

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