Our final full day so I took my clients up the volcano. We started early to avoid crowds and make the best of good weather. Nearly all of my clients went to the very top – I stayed as base camp Refugia Sapienza. To catch them as they came down and to defrost them (it was a little chilly up top). Mount Etna is nearly 3,000mtrs high.

Once safely warmed up we moved on to take the CircumEtnea train. This tiny little train really is one of the great rail journeys of the world. It circles the base of Mount Etna linking all the tiny communities and taking the kids to the local schools. I found a section of the carriage that’s good for photography and the clients seemed to enjoy it. The scenery is pretty special. Enjoy it below.

The only thing that could possibly follow that was wine tasting, so we stopped off at the Fischetti Winery. Etna wine is becoming more popular around the world. It has a highly distinctive, in my view slightly mineral quality and is frankly delicious.

Our evening finished with dinner and a special end of tour cake. Tomorrow we’re off home so it’s goodbye Sicily, for now. ❤️🥂

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