The Canadian in Winter (Days 1 & 2)

As expected, there’s a lot of time on the train where there is no phone signal, and so, no internet. We have a 2 hour stop in Winnipeg where I’m going to try and get this post uploaded. At this stage, rather than do detail I’m just going to upload a lot of photos that give you an impression of what life on the train is like (fabulous, since you ask). So far we’ve been crossing the Canadian Shield, a massive area of billion year old hard rock, lakes and trees. Sometime after Winnipeg the prairies begin and then finally the mountains. Enjoy the photos. Next post will go up from Edmonton.

There is a dream like quality to the train journey travelling through the morning Twilight

3 Replies to “The Canadian in Winter (Days 1 & 2)”

    1. The photo was taken quite early in the day and I think quite a few were either having breakfast, showering, dressing and so on. Also, this is the Winter train… half the length of the Summer trains. Total Sleeper pax onboard is about 45


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